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Another great use for soapstone's thermal qualities is to use it as ice cubes. The same way soapstone holds heat, it holds cold.

The great advantage of using soapstone over ice, is the fact that is does not water down your drink while keeping it cold. Serious scotch drinkers, who condemn drinking scotch or whiskey with ice, can now enjoy their drink cold, without diluting it. It also works with soft drinks. Great for white wine, when not chilled enough.

Each soapstone cube is approximately 3/4" cubed , just put it in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours , add three cubes to your drink and enjoy it. The soapstone cubes will hold their temperature for approximately 30 minutes. Not meant for large volume drinks like sodas, best with whisky, vodka and other spirits.

This product is made from recycled soapstone excess material . These soapstone ice cubes have smooth edges, as a result of the tumbling process of production.

Soapstone is naturally non porous, odorless, tasteless and inert to acids, chemicals and heat. Use them, wash them, re-freeze them and they are ready again for lifetime use.

9 cubes per set. Comes packed in nice gift box with a muslin bag for freezer storage.